Opera Medica et Physiologica

Optimization of Growth Conditions for the Testosterone-Producing Mycolicibacterium Neoaurum Strain


Microbial production of testosterone from phytosterol is a promising alternative to the chemical synthesis from androstenedione, which is currently used. It is possible using wild-type or recombinant strains of Mycolicibacterium neoaurum. One of the key steps of biotechnology development is inoculum preparation which determines the volumetric/mass ratios of the bioreactors and affects the biotransformation rate and duration. In the present work, the conditions for the growth of testosterone-producing strain of Mycolicibacterium neoaurum recombinant strain with enhanced 17β-HSD activity were optimized. The effects of medium composition, temperature, and glucose supplements on biomass size and density were estimated. The results are of importance for the development of microbial technology for testosterone production.