Opera Medica et Physiologica

Dynamics of EEG Reactions under Combination of Resonance Scanning and Adaptive Neurostimulation in Patients with Post-COVID Syndrome


The dynamics of electroencephalographic (EEG) reactions were analyzed under a combination of resonance scanning and EEG-guided adaptive neurostimulation in the process of the cognitive rehabilitation of patients with post-COVID syndrome (PCS). It has been shown that the introduction of resonant scanning before adaptive neurostimulation makes it possible to observe the dynamics of resonant EEG reactions, provides activation of potential EEG oscillators of the brain, and increases the responsiveness of the brain to subsequent adaptive neurostimulation. Complex treatment procedures, due to the progressive involvement of resonant and adaptive mechanisms and mechanisms of neuroplasticity, contribute to the cognitive rehabilitation of patients with PCS, which manifests itself in the normalization of the EEG, a decrease in stress levels, and an improvement in emotional state and mood of the patients.