Opera Medica et Physiologica

Proceedings of XXIII Congress of I.P. Pavlov Physiology Society

Published ahead of print September 13, 2017; Printed September 15, 2017; OM&P 2017 Volume 3 Supplement S 1, pages 1-15; doi:10.20388/omp2017.00s1.001



The Impact of Astrocytes Morphology on their Ca2+ characteristics 

A. Zeug, F. Müller, V. Cherkas, E. Ponimaskin


Cellular Sodium Loading in Metabolically Compromised Cortex in situ and in vivo

Christine R. Rose


A Novel Role for Astrocytes in Brain Hemorrhagic Stroke

A.M.Sweeney, K.E.Fleming, J.P.McCauley, M.F.Rodriguez, E.T.Martin, A.A.Sousa, R.D.Leapman, A.Scimemi


Modeling Calcium Dynamics in Astrocyte Networks with Realistic Morphology

A. R. Brazhe, D. E. Postnov


New Trends in the Analysis of Function and Modulation of the Cells of Nervous System

P. Bregestovski 


Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Astrocyte Calcium Dynamics in Chronic Epilepsy

P. Denisov, A. Lebedeva, A. Pimashkin, A. Semyanov


K+ Mediated Signaling within Tripartite Synapse

Alexey Semyanov


Rapid Astrocyte Morphology Changes Support Epileptic Activity

Stefanie Anders, Björn Breithausen, Michel Herde, Daniel Minge, Tushar Deshpande, Anne Boehlen, Peter Bedner, Christian Steinhäuser, Christian Henneberger


Synchronization in Multiplex Glial-Neural Networks

Sergey Makovkin, Mikhail Ivanchenko, Sarika Jalan and Alexey Zaikin


Software Development for Custom-Made Two-Photon System for Implications in Neuroscience

Maxim Doronin, Alexander Popov, Sergey Makovkin, Yulia Dembitskaya, Alexey Semyanov 


Network Ca2+-Cell Activity Field CA3 Hippocampal Slices of Rat Early and Late Postnatal Development

Mitaeva Y.I., Mozherov A.M., Mukhina I.V.


Vesicular Glutamate Release From Astrocytes At The Interface Of Signaling And Metabolism

V. Parpura, V. Montana, D. Flint, L. Wilson, H.S. Waagepetersen, A. Schousboe


Quantification of Developmental and Pathology-Related Changes in Perineuronal Nets

Nikita Lipachev, Nikita Arnst, Anastasiya Melnikova, Anastasia Kochneva, Arseniy Rascheskov,  Mikhail Mavlikeev, Heikki Rauvala,  Andrey P. Kiyasov, Mikhail Paveliev


Interactive Realistic Model of Protoplasmic Astrocyte

L. P. Savtchenko, C. Henneberger, L. Bard, T. P. Jensen, J. P. Reynolds, I. Kraev, M. Medvedev, M. G. Stewart, D. A. Rusakov


Modeling of Neural Networks with Tetrapartite Synapses

S.V.Stasenko, I.А.Lazarevich, V.B.Kazantsev, А.E. Dityatev


Role of Extracellular Signaling in the Neocortical Development 

Victor Tarabykin 


Astrocytic Glutamate Uptake is Regulated by K+ Accumulation in the Synaptic Cleft

O.Tyurikova, P-Y. Shih, L.P. Savtchenko, D.A. Rusakov, A. Semyanov


Excitatory Amino Acid Transporters (Eaats) as Potential Targets for the Treatment of Neurological Disorders

A.V. Zaitsev


Astroglial Vesicular Network: Evolution and Function in Health and Disease

Robert Zorec


Connector Device for Long-Term Stimulation of Neuronal Cultures Growing on Microelectrode Arrays

Y.I. Pigareva, A.A. Gladkov, V.N. Kolpakov, I.V. Mukhina, V.B. Kazantsev, A.S. Pimashkin


Soft Multimodal Neuronal Interface to Restore Motor Function after Spinal Cord Injury

P. Musienko


Differentiation Fate of Neural Stem Cells in the Hippocampus of Epileptic Rats

M.V. Glazova, V.B. Saparova, D.V. Zosen, E.V. Nasluzova, E.V.Chernigovskaya 

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