Opera Medica et Physiologica

Current State of the Problem of Venous Thromboembolic Complications Associated with Covid-19

Published ahead of print March 20, 2022; Printed March 21, 2022; OM&P 2022 Volume 9 Issue 1, pages 60-69; doi:10.24412/2500-2295-2022-1-60-69

At present, it can be noted that COVID-19 is the most serious challenge to the international health care system in its recent history. Extremely high rates of morbidity and mortality dictate the need for a more detailed study of the pathogenetic aspects of the developing infectious catastrophe. Besides respiratory distress syndrome, systemic inflammatory response syndrome, COVID-19 is characterized by polyvalent disorders of the mechanisms of systemic hemostasis, which has reflected in an increase in the number of venous thromboembolic complications in the overall structure of morbidity and mortality. The given literature summarizes the information on COVID-associated coagulopathy and its effect on changes in the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of venous thromboembolic complications.