Opera Medica et Physiologica

A. Bukatin

Microfluidics Applications in Fundamental and Medical Studies in Neuroscience


Today many fundamental questions in Neuroscience such as neuron synaptic coupling in various conditions, synaptic connectivity in the network, morphological structure and cell layers formation and many others require a development of new methods for cell manipulation and observation. Microfluidic chips containing chambers for cell plating can be easily fabricated and used for long-term imaging. and electrophysiological signal registration on MEA (microelectrode arrays).

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Today many fundamental questions in Neuroscience can be addressed with Microfluidics methods which provide unique approaches for cell patterning and control neural branch outgrowth. Such methods can be used to gwoe separate subpopulations of dissociated neurons connected with uni-directional connectivity. Combined with microelectrode arrays such approach can be used to simulate and study neurogenesis, learning and information coding in neural networks.

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